Check out these mysterious people that finally got identified! This top 10 list of strange and unexplained mysteries about missing people went on for years until the truth finally got revealed! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our “Most MYSTERIOUS…


Check out these mysterious people that finally got identified! This top 10 list of strange and unexplained mysteries about missing people went on for years until the truth finally got revealed!

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8. William Burgess Powell aka Benjaman Kyle
Back in 2004 someone working at a Burger King in Richmond Hill, Georgia, discovered that a naked man was lying beaten and unconscious in front of the restaurant’s dumpsters. Not the best thing to find during your break. The man was sweating and sunburned. Ants were crawling across his body and he was covered with bruises. An ambulance took him to St. Joseph’s Hospital after the employee contacted the police. The mysterious man possessed no ID or any documents that could identify him, so the police recorded his name at the hospital as “Burger King Doe”.
When he woke up, he had no memory of his previous life and was diagnosed with severe amnesia. The only thing that he knew was that his name might be Benjaman and that he was born 10 years before Michael Jackson – as he stated on an Ask-Me-Anything thread on Reddit in 2012.
Despite appearing online, on television and being featured in a documentary, nobody contacted him with info about who he really was. He stated on Reddit that only three or four people contacted him, but they realized after a short discussion that he was not who they thought he’d be. He also stated that he has no long term plans because he is already old.
His mystery was finally solved in 2015 after years and years of genetic detective work. Even if most of his previous life is still unknown, he finally learned his real name: William Burgess Powell, from Florida! He supposedly was reunited with his family but has decided to keep most details of his life private.

7. Samantha Azzopardi aka GPO Girl
In October 2013 a girl was found wandering near Dublin General Post Office. She was found in a very “distressed state” by the Irish police forces. The very first news reports regarding GPO Girl stated that the Irish police had found a little girl aged between 14 and 16. She also possessed photos which displayed images of her being sexually abused and men handing cash to other men. All these factors led to the idea that she might have been the victim of an evil child sex trafficking network.
This theory was soon destroyed when an Irishman named Joe Brennan identified the girl from a photo the police released. The truth was that the 14-year-old GPO girl was actually Australian Samantha Azzopardi, aged 25!
The Irish police later found that Samantha was well known for these kind of tricks in Australia and that she had already been convicted for fraud, deception, false pretenses and for using forged documents in her home-country.
It was also stated that Azzopardi had some mental issues, but she may have had some good traits deep down….like perseverance! Maybe it was this that lead her to try the exact same scam in Canada only a year later. Both countries spent thousands of dollars investigating her claims! This time, though, she was finally sentenced to 12 months with six months parole for four counts of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception.

6. Andreas Grassl aka The Piano Man
In April 2005 a mysterious man wearing a soaking wet suit and tie was found wandering the streets of Sheerness, Kent in England. After he was found, he refused, or was unable, to answer any questions regarding who he was or where he came from. This lead to even more confusion that lasted until someone had the bright idea of giving him a piece of paper and some pencils, hoping that he would write his name. The mysterious man did not write his name; and instead he drew a detailed sketch of a grand piano!
Intrigued, hospital staff brought him into a room with a piano, where he began singing, like a professional musician. Music was the only way he expressed himself for another couple of weeks. He played music from various genres, including classical music, pop and even what appeared to be his own compositions! Doctors believed he was indeed a professional musician and that he had performed not long before he was found because of the way he was dressed.
Some thought that the ‘Piano Man’, as he was nicknamed, suffered from trauma and had lost his memories, along with his ability to speak. Doctors examined him but found nothing wrong. The examinations weren’t easy either because he was terrified of any new face.

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