RAVE OLT (Trailer) ACID & AudioVisuel project (HD)

RAVE OLT est le premier documentaire AUDIO & VISUEL réalisé par CARL DEEP aka jb.barra Orbitant autour de L’ ACID et Techno répétito/primitivo Visuels provenants de sources diverses mais principalement : BODYSONG KOYAANISQATSI HOME ….. and PERSONAL CARL DEEP ARCHIVE…


GAZI WORLD Production Directed and Edited by – Jorge Hernandez DOP – Christopher Ripley Produced by Brandon Bacquie Styled by Romina Cenisio and Fabian Guerrero Released November 30th, 2018

Sonica: Rottinghuis

A new collaboration between Glasgow-based artist-musicians Robbie Thomson and SUE ZUKI, Rottinghuis is a nightmarish creature-feature, an investigation into the dark side of the web, and an unnerving depiction of disintegration. An everyday living room is swallowed up by proliferating gaps in space, as though…