Virtual Irish Music Session #65: MONSTER SESSION

Join us for the Mary O’s Virtual Irish Music Session LIVE @ 8pm on Thursday, March 18th. This is the one-year anniversary of the Mary O’s Virtual Session! At the real Mary O’s, we hold a “Monster Session” once a…

Virtual Irish Music Session #65: MONSTER SESSION



Join us for the Mary O’s Virtual Irish Music Session LIVE @ 8pm on Thursday, March 18th. This is the one-year anniversary of the Mary O’s Virtual Session! At the real Mary O’s, we hold a “Monster Session” once a year where we invite all the leaders to come play. It’s a huge, joyous event. We’re going to bring it online this year to celebrate friends old and new who have made it through this year together.

The theme for tonight’s session is: Monsters, or, Happy Birthday to the Mary O’s Virtual Session!
Send us pictures related to the theme ( by 7pm! We will put them onscreen during the session.

Our motto is “Play What You Can, Pay What You Can!” This session series is entirely supported by community contributions, and we pay our guest musicians a regular gig wage. Here’s the link to contribute, with our thanks:

0:00 Intro
The program!
3:56 Tommy Cliffords / My Darling Asleep / Roaring Barmaid (jigs)
Set 1:
13:15 James Cleveland and Alan Murray: Shandon Bell’s / Swallow’s Nest / Donnybrook Fair (jigs)
18:33 Manus McGuire: The Humours of Lisheen / The Leg of the Duck (jigs)
21:24 Donie Carroll and Pat Mangan: Patrick Was a Gentleman (song)
24:21 Jimmy Keane: The Ship in Full Sail / The Bohola Jig / The Gentleman’s Heart to the Ladies (jigs)
32:21 Seagda Coyle and Eugene Bender: Kitty’s Wedding / The Galway (hornpipes)

Set 2:
48:26 Colin Farrell, Dave Curley, and Jason Sypher: Paper Doll (song)
52:16 Eileen McLain and Jason O’Rourke: Aggie Whyte’s / Aggie’s Wedding (reels)
56:02 Tim Britton, Matthew Olwell, and Aaron Olwell: The Frieze Britches / Langstrom’s Pony / Padghin O’Rafferty (reels)

Set 3:
1:22:52 John Redmond and Matt Stapleton: Sport / The Holly Bush / Rolling Waves (jigs)
1:28:24 John Mullen and Sue Reading: Christy Barry’s #1 / Christy Barry’s #2 (jigs)
1:31:18 Mirella Murray: Father O’Flynn / Out on the Ocean (jigs)
1:35:12 Máirtín de Cógáin: The Merry Ploughboy (song)

1:49:37 Ashokan Farewell / Farrell O’Gara / Silver Spire (waltz/reels)
Set 4:
2:00:24 Eimear Arkins and Kevin Buckley: The Galway Rambler / The Bucks of Oranmore (reels)
2:03:51 Kira Jewett and New Leaf: Morning Mist / The Bohola / The Doonagore / Free and Easy (jigs/reels)
2:08:13 Kevin Lees: If There Were No Women in the World / Joe Bane’s (barndances)
2:12:57 Margot Krimmel: Farewell to Nigg / Return From Fingal / Dever the Dancer (waltz/march/slip jig)
2:19:35 Cillian Vallely and Alan Murray: Na Ceannabháin Bhána

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Info about the Mary O’s Virtual Session:

Until March 2020, we’d met every Thursday night at Mary O’s in Manhattan’s East Village. When the pandemic started, we moved the session online, meeting virtually twice a week! In August 2020, after 40 sessions, we took a break, followed by five CTARS sessions (“Common Tunes At Reasonable Speeds”) in September and October. Now we’re back to our original session format, with spectacular leaders and special guests each Thursday at 8pm EST.

We’re hoping you will be doing from home what we usually do at Mary O’s. Have a bite to eat, enjoy a drink, and play tunes with us! If you’re playing along at home, we recommend that you do so with headphones on…makes it much easier. Don’t forget to interact with fellow session-goers in the live chat!

We send an email each with with tune sets to practice for the session, as well as info about upcoming leaders and events. Sign up here:

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